Skelligs Home Fragrance Collection

Skelligs Home Fragrance Collection

The Skelligs – to make the journey across to these awe inspiring and wonderous  islands you need luck on your side. 

As you leave Kerry’s Iveragh Peninsula with the sun warming your face and the crisp sea breeze cooling your skin, you travel a route that has remained unchanged for over 1,000 years. Crossing the waves, as they glisten in the sun, to the ancient monastic site can only be described as thrilling – in eight short miles you are transported to another world.

And it's one of pure magic!

The monks, in pursuit of a greater union with their maker, lived here in beehive huts made of slate, at one with the elements. It is impossible not to be in awe of nature when you set foot on the island, to breathe deep the fresh sea air and be exhilarated by the experience of just being there.


"I have created the Fragrances & Memories Collection to capture magical moments that I believe are synonymous with Ireland – ‘Skelligs' is a fragrance bursting with sharp sparkling citrus top notes blended with a heart of wild grasses & an earthy base accord - inspired by the sense of invigoration & amazement experienced when travelling through the glistening waves to the spectacular Skelligs. I hope you enjoy the magic." - Alison  


The stunning photo that represents our Skelligs collection was taken by the late Danny O’Brien. To learn more about our contributors click here.