Scented Candles

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing and can bring a memory to life in an instant.

The Fragrance & Memories Candle Collection captures special memories from some of Ireland’s most spectacular & best loved locations in a unique blend of divine fragrances, bringing a little touch of Ireland into your home.

Created by Fragrance Designer Alison Banton, our scented candles are made from a natural wax blend and contain lead-free cotton wicks. They combine high quality fragrance with essential oils to create a beautiful, long lasting aroma. We are passionate about making our products in Ireland - even our packaging is printed in Ireland. This way we can ensure consistent high quality products.

Available in a variety of different fragrances, each candle creates a wonderful ambiance in the home. The perfect gift for someone who appreciates high quality, Irish made gifts...or just anyone who loves fragrance! Burn time is up to 45 hours.