Our Contributors

Capturing special moments is the inspiration behind our Fragrance & Memories Collection. We have been lucky to work with some fantastic photographers who have managed to encapsulate the essence of some special Irish locations in film, just as we have aimed to do through scent.

We are very grateful to these talented people for their contribution.



Danny O'Brien - Irish Photographer 

We have the late Danny O'Brien to thank for the striking shot which represents our Skelligs Collection


 Fragrance & Memories - Our Contributors - Danny O'Brien                Fragrance & Memories - Danny O'Brien               


My dad, Danny O’Brien was an such an incredible individual; a social worker, local politician, actor and an avid photographer. He was wonderful husband and a really fun dad and he is sorely missed. 

Although he lived in Meath for most of his life his spiritual home was Valentia Island and it served as the muse for his best work from around the Island. His images here reflect his love of natural beauty and the “Wild West of Ireland”. 

One of my favourite stories of my dad is when he managed to get a sneaky trip out to the Skelligs at 5am one morning, courtesy of a good friend of his. Normally you would never get on to the Island that early but Dad wanted the morning light for photos.

He spent the whole day out there with the puffins and the wind and the images from that day are some of my favourites. I think he really would have enjoyed the Fragrance & Memories Collection as he understood how thrilling it was to make that incredible journey to the islands. He was lucky enough to make the  journey over twenty times and loved each one more than the last. 

We were surprised and delighted to be contacted by Alison regarding the use of Dad’s images of the Skelligs and the invitation to become part of the Fragrance & Memories project.

If you would like to enjoy some more of my Dad’s work you can check it out here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/valentia/.


Anna O'Rourke -  Greystones Photographer 

Local photographer Anna O'Rourke worked with the team to create some striking images for the  Fragrance & Memories Collection




Anna is a landscape and nature photographer from Greystones who has a passion for capturing the essence of her beautiful home of county Wicklow. She always had a camera in her hand from a young age, continuing a family tradition of the art and trade, the result of the perfect match of her father’s lifelong love of photography and her mother’s years spent in the family shop’s darkroom in Bray as a teen.  Anna has always been fascinated by the ever changing light and colours that are part of Ireland's unique surroundings and has developed a love of long exposure seascapes as it gives a sense of calm and ethereal beauty, the colour moss green being a favourite which often features in her images.

Awarded Canon Irish Amateur Photographer in 2015 through Canon and TheJournal.ie’s photography competition entitled ‘A Sense of Place’, Anna’s range of Landscape Photography framed images and photo greeting cards have been much sought after, from exhibiting in local art galleries to recently having had a photo featured as the cover of the the 2018 Wicklow Tourism Map.

Having the pleasure of contributing with the exciting new collection of Brooke and Shoals ‘Fragrance and Memories’, Anna is sure that her passion for capturing the essence of a place through photography is well matched by the beautiful natural scents of ‘Fragrances and Memories’ that will transport you back to a special time and place.

To see more of Anna’s work, check out her photography gallery here or find her on Facebook here.