Meet us

Alison Banton - Fragrance Designer & Creator of Fragrance & Memories  


I’m the Fragrance Designer and Founder of the company but l’m so much more than that. I’m also a wife and mother, dreamer, schemer, dog lover (especially my mischievious little Cavishon Monty) and creative driving force behind our new Fragrance & Memories brand and our well established Irish company Brooke & Shoals Fragrances. I love nothing more than spend time coming up with new ideas and new fragrances but you have to get out of the office to let the creative juices flow. My inspiration and my muse is the beauty of the coastline in my home town of Greystones. As l look out to the endless horizon l feel it’s majesty and am enthused by the endless possibilities of life. Walks with Monty on the beach fill me with hope and energy and l decompress instantly, giving me the strength for the challenges and dreams that lie ahead. 



Barbara Campbell - Marketing Manager 


As Islanders, never more than 86 miles from the ocean, I think Irish people have a need to be close to the water, it seems to recharge our batteries! So most of my favourite memories generally involve being close to the sea. Dunmore East in Co.Waterford is probably my favourite place to visit, as you walk towards Tramore on the cliff walk there are inlets where everything suddenly goes quiet, a trick of nature but magical; there is no wind, no breaking waves, perhaps the only sound is bees buzzing To have the chance to lie on the spongy grass, read a book, soak in the suns’s rays ( the Sunny South East don’t you know!) and breathe in the fresh salty air, that is my idea of bliss and I spent many wonderful afternoons doing just that, with three adventurous kids its not quite as relaxing as it once was but still        


Lisa Orr - Operations & Commercial Manager


Before joining Brooke & Shoals I had worked with Fáilte Ireland (The Irish Tourist Board) & so was lucky enough to have traveled the length & breath of Ireland. However, I have to say that of all the spectacular places, West Cork is top of my list by a long mile. As far back as I can remember, my childhood Summers were spent in Glandore, West Cork - endless summer days picnicking on nearby Warren Beach, listening to traditional music in the local bar & warm Summer evenings crab fishing on Reem Pier. This tiny village, its hedgerows ablaze with fiery orange Montbretia & the sweet floral scent of Fuchsia in the air, holds many happy memories for me. To this day if I pass the flowering magenta Fuchsia it recalls those memories in an instant. Working on the Fragrance & Memories collection made me realise just how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful country. Choosing the images with the team and seeing them come to life in the finished product was so exciting.