Glendalough Home Fragrance Collection

Glendalough Home Fragrance Collection

A 'grand soft day’ – a phrase that best illustrates Ireland’s unique relationship with our everchanging weather; sunshine and showers.

Those forty shades of green require lots of watering and in Ireland you never have to wait long for the next shower. On the bright side, blue skies are never far behind and with them comes glorious sunshine which warms the earth, releasing a sweetness that gives comfort to the soul. Just as the crisp green notes of the freshly watered forests and wild flowers will brighten your heart.

This bespoke fragrance was inspired by a walk through the hallowed grounds of the majestic 6th century monastery in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, just across the mountains from where our office and workshop are based.


"I have created the Fragrances & Memories Collection to capture magical moments that I believe are synonymous with Ireland – ‘Glendalough' blends fresh leafy green top notes and sweet woodland florals resting on an soft earthy base, recreating the vibrancy of the lush green woodland after a refreshing April Shower. Close your eyes and envision yourself exploring this majestic site, bathed in the sweetness of the fresh mountain air. I hope you enjoy the memories" - Alison

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